Regulator ATOMIC T2 - octopus

Patented "AFC" - to ensure maximum performance at every depth.
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Regulator Atomic T2 Series - Octopus

Why the whole octopus family? 

Each Atomic octopus is conceived and built with the same precision as its primary model. So when you need it, you know what to expect. All of our octopuses come standard with an extra-long 36" (92cm) hose. Hoses in custom lengths are available on request.

Cloning can be a good thing

Octopuses from Atomic reduce stress in emergency situations. Would you or your buddy like to breathe from a second-rate automatic in an emergency? Our octopuses simply breathe easy with a breath work of 0.56 J/l (according to EN 250). All basic Atomic regulator models are also available as octopuses with a highly visible yellow cover and 36" (92cm) hose.


Like the main T2/T2x automatics, the Ti2 octopus is completely immune to performance degradation from the corrosive effects of salt water. The patented Seat Saving Orifice (Seat Pressure Limiter) prevents wear of the medium pressure seat, extending service interval and increasing reliability. With this feature, count on the regulator to be like new when you need it.  

The second stage is compact, with a reduced exhaust deflector that makes it easy to store in your pocket and has a neon-bright, yellow front cover for good visibility. Of course, the Ti2 is equipped with automatic flow control (AFC) and an infinitely variable inspiratory resistance control. The total weight is 350g.

All Atomic Aquatics Safe Seconds (octopuses) have a service interval of 2 years / 300 dives and are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

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Cold water
Travel version
2nd stage connection
Regulation of inspiratory resistance
Venturi effect limitation
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