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Neoprene cover on the mask belt ensures maximum comfort when wearing the mask. Thanks to the rubber mask strap, the cover does not press and pull your hair. At the same time, the mask floats in the water so it stays afloat.

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Beuchat is overwhelmingly the story of one man’s encounter with the sea and of his passionate desire to offer every one of us the chance to experience our own unique moments of exploration. That passion has continued to inspire us since the Company was founded. Beuchat’s history is marked by innovations, discoveries and encounters that have influenced all areas of underwater and aquatic sports, from the most competitive to simple family recreation.

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Brand: Beuchat

ELASKIN 2 mm neoprene socks

2mm neoprene socks with double lined nylon sole and elaskin on the outside and open chambers on the inside for maximum comfort and ideal thermal properties.

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